Excavator demolishing old structures

Commercial and
industrial demolition

We provide an end-to-end demolition service from planning, through execution and waste disposal.

Critical to our service, is our focus on environmental planning. We assess each project carefully to determine the best method and machinery to minimise our impact on the environment. The planning phase includes working closely with our clients to determine the type and amount of waste that will be produced and how it will be responsibly disposed.

Excavation and earthworks are a key part of our demolition service. With heavy machine capabilities, we have the ability to completely clear a site and make it ready for its next use.

Additional Capabilities

Danger asbestos dust hazard strip with construction workers wearing construction suits behind the marked area

Removing asbestos

Fenech Demolition are accredited asbestos removal experts. We have accrued years of practical experience and hold the latest accreditation and licencing certificates. We stock the most up-to-date technologies, include a decontamination unit, HEPA filter vacuums and air monitoring sensors for use in the removal of both friable and non-friable asbestos materials.

Danger area surrounded by yellow hazard strips surrounded by nature

Focus on rehabilitation

Our staff are always mindful of the impact the demolition process can have on the environment surrounding a site. As part of our demolition plan, we address all major environmental concerns associated with our presence, including but not limited to, access to the worksite, selection of appropriate machinery and minimising disturbances to existing flora and fauna.

Supply nation certificate badge

Licences and Certification

Our firm has licences covering the breadth of demolition. As an organisation, Fenech Demolition are licenced by NSW EPA (Environmental Protection Authority) and Safework NSW certified by Supply Nation as an indigenous supplier owned company.

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